Here you find all the essential information for download.

SMD flyers and brochures

Of course, we are happy to explain everything to you in person. But sometimes, it also helps to have written information on hand. Because of this, you can download our flyers here.

Recherche Flyer

Searching Flyer

Here you find the most important facts about our search services.

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Flyer Überwachung

Watching Flyer

This flyer explains what sets our watching apart.

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Read the most important facts about our online platform for searching & watching.

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Country Index Flyer

Country Index Flyer

Here you will find the necessary information about our popular information resource for trademark professionals.

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Design-Recherche & Überwachung

Design Searching & Watching Flyer

Find out briefly about our design research and watching services and the benefits they offer you.

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Übersicht Ansprechpartner

Overview of Contact Persons

Download the overview of our SMD contacts and place it at your desk so that you have the most important phone numbers constantly available.

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