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SMD unterstützt Markeninhaber und Anwälte für geistiges Eigentum weltweit beim Schutz von Marken. Wir liefern Informationen, die eine belastbare Grundlage für Ihre Entscheidungen oder die Beratung Ihrer Mandanten bilden – von der Namensfindung über die Recherche und Freigabe bis hin zum Sicherung Ihrer Ideen.

Trademark Searches

Before you file a trademark application, you should conduct a search. This is to determine whether your desired label is free for use and registration. Namely, if you infringe the prior rights of others, their owner may hold you liable. We help you in the decision-making process with reliable searches!

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Trademark Watching

After registering your label, keeping track of newly published trademarks that may be confused with your own is vital. This allows you to take legal action if third parties infringe your rights with their applications or registrations. We continuously monitor the official registers in this respect for you.


Online Trademark Search Tool

If you prefer to carry out your own search, we have the perfect tool for performing searches in up to 190 countries. Enter your term here to get an initial estimate of its availability for use and registration. You will then receive a free search in the EU and IR databases.

Searches in other databases start at 80 EUR per day for similar searches and 60 EUR for identical searches.

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