Large Volumes

Large trademark projects and portfolios result in special requirements

Efficient solutions for large projects and portfolios

Suppose you own many trademarks that also span many countries. In that case, you face specific challenges: routine processes need to be automated as much as possible, and the challenge is to find the most efficient solutions for your day-to-day work.

Here is how we support you:

Data Service

Our service allows you to import and update data into your systems automatically. You receive the data in XML format that all programs can interpret. You can use the data service once or continuously via an API. Both variants can be ordered independently of each other.

Trademark Administration

We manage your trademark portfolio and inform you of upcoming dates, such as renewal deadlines, priorities, and applicable fees. Via a user-friendly customer interface and a secure connection, you can access the information. We will update your data regularly. The service is also available for designs.

Preliminary Searches

If you have many name candidates, our screening searches might interest you. You quickly and cost-effectively reduce a long list of proposals to a small number of relevant candidates. Only these require more detailed investigations. In this way, you save time and money.

Searches with Legal Opinions

Your trademark finding project extends to countries where you have no legal expertise? Or are you lacking suitable partners in these countries? SMD Benelux provides search results that independent lawyers from our global network have reviewed based on applicable national trademark laws.

Trademark Watching

For large surveillance portfolios, we offer special volume discounts. In addition, we provide you with online tools that support you in the convenient and efficient evaluation and management of your monitoring notes and thus save resources.

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