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Before filing an application, it is essential to ensure that your trademark cannot be confused with other people's signs. You may be liable for damages to the other owner if you infringe his rights. Companies or domains can also come into conflict with your label.

Start-up Search

You will receive a concise report on trademarks, companies, and domains that may be confused with your own label. We will gladly provide you with our know-how and experience as to the geographical coverage, the search scope, and the required elements to be researched. There will not incur any additional costs for you.

Trademark Watching

After registering your trademark, it is vital to keep track of new applications filed by others. Conflicting marks may occur, against which you may want to take legal action. Hence, we continuously monitor newly published trademarks – and, if appropriate, other intellectual property rights - regarding identity or similarity to your protected sign.


Before registering a trademark, it is worth carrying out a thorough search. If you want to save costs in that process, TMZOOM will give you peace of mind. The software delivers accurate results in seconds and is easy to navigate. You can edit and send reports with just a few clicks. For occasional users, we offer daily or weekly tickets.

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