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Do you prefer to search and monitor your trademarks yourself?

This is how we support you

We offer intelligent solutions for you to perform searches yourself and process our watch notes – easy and convenient to use and, at the same time, reliable and secure.

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Perform Searches Online

We have the perfect tool for you to perform trademark or design searches and create meaningful reports: identity and similarity searches, owner, image, pharma in-use, and FDA data. The possibilities are endless, while the handling is unbeatably simple. Online you can access the latest data from trademark databases worldwide.

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Edit Watch Notes – Quickly

With our tool, you can sort and process the watch alerts you receive from us efficiently – whether at home, on the road, or in the office. You have insight into your watch portfolio at all times. Moreover you can set up your online watch orders. In this way you can act quickly to protect your trademarks!

All in one tool?

Recently, we have developed an online portal that can do both: TMZOOM (known as CEDELEX.COM in the German-speaking countries). Performing searches, editing watch notes or setting up online watch orders has never been so easy! All you need is an internet access, and a PC, laptop or a tablet. Learn more in a personal consultation.

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Your Benefits

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Single platform

Conduct your searches or watching from one central platform and in a uniform layout.

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Global coverage

Search in up to 190 countries worldwide in one search procedure and with one screen.

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Ranked hits

TMZOOM sorts the results in descending order of similarity. The ranking allows for quick review.

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Maximum comfort

Ready-made templates for the reports allow anyone to present the results professionally.

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Rapid results

Due to the ease of use, you spend less time performing searches and make more efficient decisions.

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Attractive pricing

Pay-per-use, daily, monthly or annual tickets: Start searching with TMZOOM from 80 EUR per day and country!


Watch this video to see what our new online tool does. Click here and let us convince you.

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