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Would you like to register a trademark abroad and inform yourself about the procedure and any special features? Or are you an owner or legal representative of marks in various countries? Then this portal is your hotlink!

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We provide free details about trademark laws and regulations in over 220 countries. We collect the info continuously from lawyers from all over the world. Some information is exclusively accessible to our SMD customers, such as use requirements and grace periods for trademark renewal.

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Our Country Index Newsletter informs you about amendments in international trademark laws and regulations every two weeks. It is free of charge. Let us keep you always up to date!

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We cover particular trademark legal aspects with our guides, which you can buy on the Country Index website. You find an overview of available topics on the website. After your purchase, you receive an e-mail with the download link for the publication. We update most countries on an annual basis. However, the price does not include updates.

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More than 380 legal experts worldwide provide us with important details about their local regulations. We are sure you can benefit from this knowledge. Take a look!

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