Inhouse Counsel

We help you safeguard your intellectual property.

Here is how we support you:

As a corporate lawyer, you have to take many decisions, e.g. when selecting potential brand names and applying for registration with the official registers. Our experienced and highly qualified experts will quickly and reliably provide you with exactly the information you need for these decisions.

Screening Searches

Our pre-searches will often be the initial step in large naming projects: They serve to narrow down a long list of brand name ideas swiftly and cost-effectively. You save your time and money because not every name idea has to undergo elaborate and costly searches.


Do you want to select a trademark name for countries that are unfamiliar to you with regard to local law? i-Search can help: Attorneys of our global network evaluate our searches based on local conditions. A single report summarizes all the essentials and provides precise recommendations for your name ideas. In this way, you can make an informed decision.

Country Index

Do you want to register a trademark abroad and need information about the procedure? In the Country Index, you will find regulations for over 220 countries. Our publications cover further aspects, such as licensing, use requirements, and trademark renewal grace periods. The newsletter keeps you posted on the latest amendments free of charge.

Large Volume Solutions

As an owner of many marks, you have special requirements in many ways! We provide suitable APIs and support your daily trademark work with customized solutions. In this way, you minimize manual labor and the resulting errors. In this way, you will streamline your processes and handle large projects more cost-effectively and quickly.

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