In many respects, pharmaceutical trademarks present particular challenges.

Special search strategies and data sources

Name finding, registration, and protection of pharmaceutical trademarks is a complex business: Millions of marks are already in use. Strict standards and regulatory requirements pose an additional burden. The projects are often massive, involve multiple countries, and are subject to high time pressure. With these offerings, we address your needs:

POCA Search

The FDA uses the POCA algorithm to evaluate drug names in the U.S. in terms of phonetic and orthographic similarity to your proposed trademark. Our POCA search uses a threshold that ensures reliable coverage of relevant words.

Pharma Data Sources

To obtain even more meaningful results, we focus on pharma-specific sources such as Orange Book, Drugs@FDA, RxNorm, Pharma-in-use (IMS Health/IQVIA), International Non-proprietary Names (INN), etc., in addition to searching the trademark registers. Through our online tool, you can also access these sources directly yourself.

i-Search Executive

In cooperation with clients, SMD Benelux has developed specialized searches for drug names: This is where the report comes in a table format – to allow convenient evaluation and comparison of relevant trademarks. It includes a similarity search, a concise legal assessment of the risk arising from each trademark found, and precise recommendations. You can book Screening searches or checks on the use of trademarks separately.

Screening Searches

Pharmaceutical naming usually involves many name candidates. We have specifically designed our screening searches to reduce long lists of potential brand names quickly. Through a variety of search strategies, we meet the specific needs of your project. Early elimination of unpromising candidates saves time and money.

Country Index

Do you need information about trademark regulations abroad? In the Country Index, you will find details for over 220 countries. Our publications cover further aspects, such as licensing, use requirements, trademark renewal grace periods, etc. The newsletter keeps you up to date free of charge.

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