Our work continues when your intellectual property right is officially registered.

Does anybody infringe on your rights?

As one of the leading providers, we monitor almost every register in the world for newly published third-party trademarks that could be confused with your word and figurative marks. Our service also includes competitor, company, and domain watching.

What sets our watching apart:

Global coverage

We offer tp watch intellectual property rights for up to 190 registers worldwide.


When selecting signs to be reported, we set priorities according to your requirements.

Hand-picked Alerts

We provide you with reliable reporting and deliver highly relevant watch alerts.

Helpful tools

Our sophisticated online tools make it easy for you to view and process our watch notes.

Competitive prices

We do not intend to be the cheapest, but your provider with the best value for money.

Client support

If you have any questions, we are available by phone and e-mail or get back quickly.

What we can do for you:

Standard Watching

We monitor newly published trademarks of the official national registers and inform you of word or figurative marks that could be confused with your sign due to identity or similarity.

Competitor Watching

We monitor all newly published trademark registrations of a company or person in the jurisdictions of your choice and report them to you. We can optionally narrow down the watch to certain classes of goods or services.

Company Name Watch

We identify newly registered company names that are identical or almost identical to your name. In doing so, we also consider terms that are pronounced the same way but written differently. You will receive your information quarterly by e-mail.

Domain Watch

We report domains to you that are identical to your search term. We monitor the top and other second-level domains of the selected countries, international top-level domains, and the most critical generic top-level domains.

Design Watch

We monitor national designs, international designs, and Community designs. We can either watch owners or objects. With your reports, you will receive copies of the samples found.

Tillmann Staak

Head of Monitoring
+49 4102 8048 18

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A particular challenge is to provide you with just the "right" amount of notes. While you wish to receive fewer notes, another client may prefer more and select the most relevant hits himself. The optimum depends on your personal preferences and internal workflow. Please let us know because it is often the details that matter.

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