You will get the best results – carefully selected for you by our well-trained team of experts.

Excellent quality and top service

We detect prior rights of third parties for you employing current data of the official registers – that includes not only trademarks but also companies, domains, designs, patents, utility models, titles, and slogans.

What sets our searches apart:

Top quality

Similarity searches are our primary expertise. All our results are carefully selected.

Customized strategies

For each project, we develop search strategies individually tailored to your situation.

Great experience

Through decades we have gained extensive know-how and developed effective methods.

Local expertise

We rely on local partners to solve tricky tasks in foreign countries because they know best.

Four-eyes principle

A second SMD expert generally checks our search findings before we send them to you.

Flexible support

Do you require a unique solution? Please describe your needs to us. We make many extras possible.

Here is how we support you:

Preliminary Searches

We follow a stepwise approach in large projects to achieve greater efficiency: First, we narrow a long list of possible names down to a few relevant candidates through low-cost, rough pre-searches. Subsequently, only the remaining name candidates undergo detailed, more costly investigations.

Trademark Searches

We conduct searches for you in almost every jurisdiction of the world, either by ourselves or, e.g., if no online registers are available, by our local partners. Our directories draw on the latest information from the official records. We offer identical and similar searches as well as useful supplementary searches.

SMD Benutzungsrecherchen

In-use Searches

These can help determine the level of risk deriving from a prior identical or similar trademark found in a trademark search. In-use searches can also reveal a possible trademark infringement or serve as a defense if the owner of an earlier trademark has objected to your application.

Searches with Legal Opinion

Independent lawyers from our global network evaluate the search results concerning national laws, allowing you to quickly and efficiently identify name candidates in large projects and countries for which you have no expertise.

Online Trademark Search Tool

Our trademark search software is another way to determine whether your name candidate is available for use and registration. It helps you to identify identical or similar marks for which other people hold prior rights. With our tool, you can perform online searches in up to 190 countries - from 80 EUR per day and country!

Would you like to order online?

If you do not need advice, you are welcome to order in the online shop. Otherwise, we are at your side in selecting research type, scope, countries, and classes. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly!

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